Prayer for the Philippines

Sovereign God,

Unspeakable disaster has come upon our country, and such disaster has never been experienced here before. I come before You in humility, but in confidence that You will listen. It is hard to understand why this has happened, especially since Bohol and Cebu are just starting to pick up the pieces and rebuilt their lives after the October 15 earthquake. No one knows Your purpose and why You allowed this to happen, but I believe this happened for a reason.

And while I trust in Your wisdom, that something good will come out of this devastating situation, Lord, I pray that You cause help to arrive in Eastern Visayas soon. May they be given ample supply of food, water and medicine as soon as possible. The survivors may not have died of drowning, but they are dying of hunger.

Lord, please comfort them. They have lost their loved ones, their homes, their dignity. I know You hear their cries. May those who are still missing be found and be reunited with their families. But if they are already gone, may You bring closure to their families. Help them recover for the emotional trauma they are suffering from right now.

I pray for peace and order. People are in survival mode and are ransacking establishments just to find food. I pray for the safety of the people there, and of the volunteers who are there to help.

May the victims of Haiyan see you amidst their sorrow. May they find You in the darkest hour of their lives. May they know that You are their only hope. May they realize that You are more powerful than the strongest storms. And may everyone see Your glory in this situation and worship You!

In Jesus’ name,


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