An Appeal to my Fellow Filipinos: Please Stop Bashing the Government

The situation in Visayas is still devastating. Communication has been restored, but relief operations have been extremely slow. On Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media, all I can see are posts & comments blaming the government for their slow action. There’s a lot of comments of complaints & blames in the cyberworld,  and sadly, Christians are also part of the bashing.

Now I have to admit that I am one of those people who have lost their confidence in the government. The immense corruption is as unspeakable as the devastation caused by Haiyan. However, is this really the time for bashing? Does it solve anything at all?

No, it doesn’t! Our countrymen are still dying of thirst & hunger. Some have died because of infection cause by wounds left untreated. They are still exposed to diseases because most of the bodies are still left unburied. Locals have already dug mass graves for their dead, no matter how painful that is.

I am not saying that the government is faultless. But they are not heartless. They may be slow. They may lack strategy. There may be lapses in judgment. But they are not heartless. Government officials and government agencies are working 24/7 trying to alleviate the situation. Some of their families are also victims of Haiyan. Of course we want prompt action. We want things quick because we are talking about the lives of our fellow Filipinos. But we have to consider that communication was down for a few days. Electricity until now has not been 100% restored. Roads were blocked and until now, some roads are not passable. I’m sure the Philippine government is doing its best to clear the roads, and restore whatever needs to be restored.

International media has put the Philippine government in bad light. I don’t blame them. They report objectively, and they report what they see. But surely, there are things that they do not.

I appeal to my fellow Filipinos, most especially to my fellow Christians, to stop the complaints. Let us stop blaming & bashing our government. Let us just work together & help our government in their relief efforts. There’s just so much pain and suffering out there. Let us not add hatred.

Let us pray not only for the victims of Haiyan, but also for our government. Pray for guidance and wisdom that relief efforts will be done more effectively and more promptly. To my fellow Christians, this is the time when we can show everyone that there is Hope amidst the destruction. Instead of taking part in the government-bashing, let us spend our time helping the victims, praying for them, and making Christ known to them.

President Aquino with Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas surveying damages in Tacloban Airport.


My deepest gratitude to the countries who have donated and sent help to the Philippines. You have helped my countrymen immensely. God bless you all!


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